Towards an ecological camp site, friendly to the environment.
Enhancing the quality of stay and wellness of our guests.


Hot water of common facilities is supplied by solar cells.

Camping Spiaggia - Water Solar Panels

Sparing water

In the toilets, on the wash stands to wash your clothes, on sinks to do the washing up you find labels which rimind you not to waste water, avoiding improper use.

Camping Spiaggia - Solar Panels ElectricityCamping Spiaggia - Solar Panels Electricity

On Wcs you find two buttons (the small one for liquids and the big one for solids).
We also would like to tell you that water from every sink of the camp site is drinkable and has got a good taste.
If you drink sink water you contribute saving the environment reducing the amount of domestic disposal (plastic bottles).


With your help we would like to introduce the good practice of the differentiated waste collection.


We are glad to suggest you open air activities in our region: climbing, trekking, mountain bike, boat excursions and water sports.